What is Sedex?

SMETA Audit Requirement
Social audits perspective of PDCA

Before we explain what is  Sedex  Audits we have to know about Sedex and SMETA. Sedex is a Standard used for Ethical Trade Audits. SEDEX is a non-profit organization which works by the secure online data base for the improvement of ethical and responsible business practices. Sedex members can share and manage information related to Labour Standards, Health & Safety, The Environment and Business Ethics. Sedex members are committed for enhancement. The main role of Sedex is to share and manage supply-chain information in an effective manner, aiming at Continuous improvement.

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Eurocert ( Eurocert SA and Eurocert inspection Services Pvt Ltd- A sister concern of Euocert SA) Will Provide Quality Sedex Audit Reports which are easily understandable by Buyers and Suppliers We are Affiliate audit company authorized to conduct Sedex Audits.

Sedex Audit Minimum Requirements are now Updated , Know More..


A SMETA AUDIT-SEDEX- A Sedex audit comprised of Two-Pillar and Four-Pillar Audit.

Sedex audit-ETI Base Code
Ethical trade Initiative Base Code

Two-Pillars Covers:
1. Labour Standards
2. Health & Safety
3. Additional Elements:
• Management Systems
• Entitlement to Work
• Subcontracting and Homeworking
• Environment (shortened)

Four Pillar Audit covers additionally

1. Environment (extended) – this replaces the Environment (shortened version)
2. Business Ethics


What is SMETA?

Sedex audit 4-pillar
Major auditing area of Sedex Audit

SMETA (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit) is the Audit methodology which is created by the Sedex members to provide a protocol which is shared with a feel of self-assurance. SMETA is comprised of Ethical Trade Initiative Base Code and the local laws as its Standards for monitoring the audit methodology. SMETA can use other codes which are based on conventions of ILO (International Labour Organization). SMETA is not a type of new methodology, in fact it is a new audit process which compile good practices in an ethical way. Audit report format of SMETA is easily understandable for all.

Areas of audit

• Labour Standards
• Health & Safety
• Environment
• Business Ethics
• Management System
• Code Implementation
• Entitlement to work
• Subcontracting
• Home working

As a Producer going to Face a Sedex /SMETA audit for the first Time- This is what you can expect on the day of Audit 

Our Quality Assurance

• Calibration meetings for Auditors
• Independent Sedex audit Report review before uploading
• Duplicate Evening visits to random factories
• Business Ethics agreements and Refresher courses


Membership Enrolment with APSCA.

Eurocert S A has now been given provisional membership by APSCA.  APSCA approved member firms and CSCA are trusted professionals of the social compliance industry. As a provisional and committed member of APSCA, Eurocert is committed to enhance the cause of APSCA – To increase the value and effectiveness of independent social compliance audits by enhancing the professionalism, consistency and credibility of individuals and organizations performing them. Eurocert is thus going to offer its high standard of Social auditing with highly ethical and professional auditors in Asia and Europe


Our Presence

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